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Prices for RollingBall

Hours Provided No people around * Price EURO **
3 18-30 400
4 24-40 500
5 30-50 600
6 36-60 700
7 42-70 800
8 48-80 900

* Number of people varies depending on runway length zorbing
**Price does not include VAT

For travel outside Bucharest, are charged the travel costs (transportation, accommodation for 4 people - if required).
For any further details do not hesitate to contact me !

RollingBall – a new adventure !

RollingBall is a new extreme sport, successfully extended in USA, Europe and Asia. Originary from New Zeeland, RollingBall consists in a person’s rolling inside of a transparent ball of high dimensions (the exterior diameter ranging from 2.6 to 3.8 m) on a slope (ant not only). An extreme sport for the rolling and lack of gravity sensations which it provides.

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Adrenaline to the utmost !

1. Visit us for the RollingBall experience!
2. Rentals for natural or legal persons.
3. We provide temporary advertising space by printing your advertisement.

PublicityBall - an ad in motion!

You need an in motion? You came right place! An area of 2.14 m in diameter expected to put the brand on it!

Give us your brand and we know we do for you!
Rent advertising space by placing stickers on some banners giant sphere diameter of 2.14 meters!
Choose an ad in life instead of a static billboard!
Do you know in an original way only Publicity Ball!

RollingBall on television : LOL STORY on MTV Romania !

Clown shoes - the clown shoes of leather, handmade production 100% Romanian!

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