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RollingBall - New Adventure !

RollingBall is a new extreme sport successfully extended in USA, Europe and Asia. Originary from New Zeeland, RollingBall consists in a person’s rolling inside a transparent ball of high dimensions (the exterior diameter ranging from 2.6 to 3.8 m) on slopes (and not only). An extreme sport for the rolling and lack of gravity sensations which it provides.

The ball for this sport is represented by a giant inflatable ball, made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU – 0.8 mm/1 mm), transparent, very flexible and having a high endurance to scratches and extreme temperatures (from -20 degrees to + 50 degrees). Commonly, it has around three meters in height (the dimensions range from 2.6 m to 3.8 m) and it contains inside a smaller ball, maintained in a parallel position with the exterior ball, by means of a series of nylon wires, diversely coloured. This inner space is the place where the person willing to practice sport will stay. He/she will be supported by a number of belts made of a very resistant material. After the anchorage of the RollingBall performer, the giant inflatable ball is pushed downhill in order to gather speed. It will stop the moment it reaches a flat area.

Though seen as an extreme sport, RollingBall provides 100% security, no accident being recorded in the course of time. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to pregnant women, persons having height sickness, suffering form claustrophobia or having heart diseases.

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    Terms And Conditions

    * Rolling Ball reserves its rights to select its clients.

    * The minimum recommended age is 14. Children over 6 are accepted only with the parents’ consent.

    * The minimum accepted height is 1.5 m, the maximum accepted weight is 200 kilos.

    * Not recommended to persons having heart diseases, pregnant women, persons suffering from claustrophobia or having behaviour disorders. Prohibited to persons being under the influence of alcohol.

    * The use of Rolling Ball products by any person without our consent is made under its own risk and liability.

    * All rights, including the information, name, image, photographs, symbol are protected, hold and controlled by Rolling Ball.

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